After having new Xbox gift code the 1st question comes in the mind is “How to redeem Xbox one codes?” and for your help the answer here on this page.

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Xbox prepaid codes can be redeemed after signing into your Microsoft account. By redeeming Xbox prepaid codes, you will make Xbox purchases and you can extend your subscription as well. The Xbox codes can be redeemed from the console of your computer.

The prepaid code can be used on Xbox One. You can use prepaid codes if your account does not have an outstanding balance. The payment option should be valid as well. If there is past balance, it should be paid before using the Xbox one code.

There are various ways to redeem the gift card code. You should use the most convenient way so that the proceeds will reflect in your account and you can buy various kinds of digital resources with the available funds.

Quick Access:

What is Xbox prepaid code?

There are various types of prepaid codes. The prepaid codes are available in the form of Microsoft gift cards and Xbox live gold subscription cards. You can apply the code on the web browser immediately. The length of the Xbox prepaid code is 25 characters. The code includes both numbers and characters. If you purchase a card from a retailer, you will find five blocks of five characters. The characters should be entered very carefully and the card should be used as per the terms and conditions.

If someone presents you an Xbox gift card or Windows Store gift card, prepaid card or promotional code, you should know the appropriate way to redeem the code. There is no big difference between Xbox gift card and Windows Store gift card. If you get any one of these cards, funds will be added to Microsoft account. These funds can be used to purchase digital items in Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Can you get Xbox Live with an Xbox Gift Card?

To redeem the gift card, you can visit the Xbox LIVE code site.

  • Sign in to the account
  • Type the code in the blue text field
  • Click on ‘Redeem’.

After reaching the Xbox Live website, you should reach the code entry field.

If you are not logged into your account, you should type the email address, phone number or Skype ID and click on next.

Enter the password and click on sign in. Type the code in the text field. The field appears in the blue bar in the middle of the page. You should not leave any characters and there should not be any typo errors. Click on the ‘redeem’ button.

The button will be positioned below and it will be on the right of the text field. If the code is valid, it will appear in the Xbox LIVE account and it can be used further.

6 Steps to Redeem Xbox Prepaid Code

The following steps can be performed to redeem Xbox prepaid code:

Redeem Xbox One code on online website

  1. Open on your browser
  2. Click on Redeem code
  3. Enter the email or phone or Skype id to access your Microsoft online account.
  4. If you have not yet created an account, a new account can be created by clicking on the ‘Create one’ link.
  5. You should sign in to your account after entering the username and password.
  6. The 25-character prepaid code should be entered and you should click on ‘Redeem’.

How to Redeem Prepaid Code on Windows 10?

You can redeem Microsoft gift cards and Xbox Live Gold subscription cards in the Xbox App on Windows 10.

  1. The codes will be applied immediately. The following steps can be performed to achieve the task:
  2. Sign in to the Microsoft account
  3. Scroll left on the home screen and select ‘Store’ icon
  4. Select ‘Redeem code’ in the middle of the Xbox Store screen.
  5. Enter the ’25 character’ code and click on ‘confirm’.

Screenshot 1: 

Redeem Xbox One code on Windows 10 - Step 1

Screenshot 2:

Redeem Xbox One Code on Windows 10 - Step 2

Screenshot 3:

Redeem Xbox One Code on Windows 10

How to Redeem Code on Xbox One?

You can redeem a gift card very easily with the Xbox One. You should tell, ‘Xbox, use a code’.

  1. If you do not have Kinect, you should go to Games, and select ‘Use a code. There are two options.
  2. Hold the QR code to the Kinect sensor until it reflects in the rectangle in the right of the screen. If you do not have a Kinect account, you can go to Games and select ‘use a code’.
  3. There are two options to redeem the code:
  4. If your gift card has QR code, it should hold it towards the Kinect sensor. The gift card should be within the 2 feet of the sensor.
  5. On the other hand, you should enter the code manually.

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