Looking for a guide on how to redeem iTunes gift card codes? Well here we are to help you out. Read this guide till the end to clear all you doubts.

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You will get access high-quality content from iTunes. As a proud owner of Apple product, you should be able to enjoy the best content as per your needs. The impressive content presented on iTunes includes music, movies, and television shows. You can download free as well as paid apps from the App Store which is part of iTunes.

If you are fortunate enough to get an iTunes voucher, you should be able to redeem it by purchasing useful stuff on App Store. If you have iTunes gift card in electronic or physical form, it can be redeemed against iPad, iPhone or PC. Physical cards can be redeemed at most of the departmental stores and supermarkets. You can explore one of the following options to redeem your iTunes gift card:

iTunes Voucher Redemption

The physical iTunes gift card should be removed from the package. You will find letters, ‘iTunes’ on the top right corner of the card. In some gift cards, the placement of letters varies and appears similar to a scratch card. As you peel off the scratch, you will find 16 digit number which includes the information about the value of the card.

How to Redeem iTune Gift Card on iPhone/iPad

It is very simple to redeem iTunes gift card on iPhone or iPad or any iOS device. You should open the App Store app on your device. As you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you will be prompted to enter the Apple ID. After getting access to the account, you should enter the 16- digit secret code as provided in the gift card and you will be able to redeem your code.


There is provision to scan the bar code so that you will not want to enter the code manually. However, the facility is available in some countries only.

How to Redeem iTune Gift Card on PC or Mac

The procedure to redeem iTunes gift card on PC or Mac is little different. The operation can be performed on your laptop or computer without opening the iTunes.

How to Redeem iTune Gift Card on PC or Mac on macOS-Sierra

You can find your name and image if you are running the latest version of iTunes. The details are presented on the left side of the search bar.


If you click on the silhouette, you will be able to redeem your gift card without any issues. After clicking on the ‘Redeem’ button, you will enter the 16-digit code. In some countries, the camera can read the bar code so that your gift card can be redeemed automatically. The gift card should have a box around the code so that the facility will be provided without any issues.

How to Redeem iTune Gift Card Codes via email

It is possible to redeem your iTunes gift card by email. As you follow the link provided in your email, you can repeat one of the processes as stated above. The best and most appropriate process as per the device will take place and you will redeem your voucher without any issues.

The iTunes gift card can be used to download music. You can download the latest music or iBook very easily by transferring your account balance from one account to another account.

Benefits of Using iTunes gift Card Codes

  • You can use the iTunes gift card instead of your credit card. The code can be entered manually or can be scanned with the help of the camera. Your iTunes account balance will be updated automatically after tapping the code.
  • If you have subscribed to Apple Music, the iTunes gift card can be redeemed so that the amount will reflect in your account. As a matter of fact, your monthly subscription will be deducted by Apple from the iTunes account. Thus the proceeds of the iTunes card will be helpful in paying part of the monthly subscription.
  • You can buy iTunes gift card online and it can be redeemed for purchasing various items such as Apple Music membership, songs, movies, apps, games, books and TV shows.
  • The iTunes pass can be added to your Apple ID so that you can make quick purchases on iTunes Store or App Store or iBooks Store. In this process, you will not want to reach the physical card. If you would like to add iTunes pass to the Wallet, you should reach App Store and click on ‘Getting started with iTunes Pass’ from the ‘Redeem’ menu.
  • You can rent a movie on iTunes with the iTunes gift card. As you click on the ‘iTunes Store’ on the left pane, the store will be opened and you can click on ‘Movies’ on top of the store window to get access to the movie.

Thus, iTunes gift card can be redeemed in many ways to get great benefits.


Question: Can you use itunes gift cards for in app purchases?

Answer: Yes! You can use your iTunes gift card for in app purchases as long as you have credits in it. You can use your Itunes gift card codes in App Store, iTunes stores or iBook stores but you must have to use same iD for all accounts.


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