Free Astra Skin in Fortnite

Is Astra your favorite skin? Have you always been wishing to get Astra skin for your avatar in Fortnite? Well, my dear friends the wait is over now! Finally, our giveaway will make your wish come true.

Astra is an epic-rarity Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Astra was released on New Years Eve on Fortnite: Battle Royale and is also part of the Shooting Stars set.

One of the most beloved skins has made its return to the Item Shop! Many players have been asking for this skin for a long time and it seems that Fortnite finally made their wish come true! If you are one of those fans, we have something for you as well!

The Astra skin costs you 1500 v bucks everyone knows this but what if I tell that, you can get it for free. Yes! For free.

Why waste your money on skins when you can get it for free? Everyone knows that one day you will be bored with this skin too and there will another skin to buy. How many times you will spend your savings on such skins?
I think this not fair.

So, we have come with a giveaway that can help you to get your favorite Astra Skin for free. Not just the Astra skin but you can also get the whole combo for free. Trust me!

Want to know, how?

Free V-Bucks Giveaway

We at has started to organize a free giveaway every month (yes, every month). This is International so anyone in this world is free to participate.

What you will get?

A whopping 13,500 Free V-Bucks in a month. This is the first, come first serve giveaway. We have only 13,500 free v bucks to giveaway in a month.

How to take part in this free giveaway contests?

Don’t worry, we don’t ask any general knowledge questions or anything remotely related to checking your general knowledge awareness. We understand how hard it is for you to answer those, believe us (geniuses).

Free B Bucks FortniteThere will be some simple question related to your gameplay in Fortnite. Just answer those questions and submit your email address where we can notify you about your result.

If you won the giveaway (which we want), we will mail you 13,500 worth of V-bucks gift cards in next 3 working days.

  1. Click on the “Start Now” Button Below
  2. Answer the Question.
  3. In the enter your Email address and Zip code (No personal Information Needed)
  4. Wait for Free v-bucks to roll in to your account.

Why do we conduct it for free?

Okay, so to clear up the air, NO, our company is not owned by Elon Musk or any other billionaire, where we just conduct it because we have “too many.” The purpose of this is to promote our company –, and of course to give away our amazing prizes to our users.

Sharing this from all your respective social media accounts will give our company more exposure. The more people know about our company, the better we function. After all, everything depends on our user and followers base.

So, it’s a win-win situation for both our users as well as our company. You help us promote our company and we, in turn, give you a chance to win amazing prizes for free. It’s more like a complimentary gift from our company as a Thank You for letting more people know about our contests.

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